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35% FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (H2O2 has one more oxygen atom than water). If you do not have this versatile product in your home, get some. (You can find it on Amazon, as well as in some health food stores.)

35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is not the same stuff in the brown container from Rite Aide everyone has in their medicine cabinet. Most commercial peroxide at only 3% H2O2, is generally a low-grade and usually impure, containing toxic stabilizers such as acetanilide, phenol, sodium stanate and tertrasodium phosphate. The difference in strength and efficacy between 35% Food Grade and drugstore peroxide is vast. Sort of like the chasm of potency between a lite beer and absinthe.

35% food grade peroxide oxidizes, killing germs on anything it touches. Consumed in a very diluted concentration, it can neutralize toxins, kill parasites, and clear other pathogens from the body. Plus it breaks down into oxygen and water. Since most of your body (over 99%) is made from just four elements: hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen, hydrogen peroxide is already a basic part of your anatomy.

Just be aware that this is STRONG stuff. Keep away from children and animals, just as you would with bleach. If it gets on your fingers, it will turn them white and burn for a few minutes, but do no permanent damage. DO NOT EVER USE IT UNDILUTED, ESPECIALLY WHEN INGESTING IT.

(By contrast, BLEACH is a caustic, toxic chemical, a lot more dangerous.)

Some Ways To Use 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide:

  1. BEST NATURAL AUTOMATIC DISH-WASHING SOLUTION: A tablespoon or two of Oxiclean mixed with a 1/3 cup 35% peroxide, leaves dishes clean, shining, sanitized & your dishwasher free of gunk. BY FAR better than any commercial brand. Environmentally safe.
  2. USE INSTEAD OF BLEACH: Makes laundry clean-smelling, does not leech color (if used in small amounts) softens, sanitizes. A bit more expensive than supermarket bleach, but worth it.
  3. CAN BE ADDED TO ANY HOUSEHOLD CLEANER: Put a few tablespoons of 35% hydrogen peroxide in any spray cleaner. This will remove toxins, parasites & pathogens from any surface. Gets rid of odors, mold, germs and leaves everything shining clean. (Be sure to rinse surfaces that pets & children will walk on or touch.) It is non-toxic, but better not to get on paws or little hands.
  4. A FEW DROPS: (VERY DILUTED!!!) In your portable water bottles (don’t use in plastic) try stainless steel or ceramic lined bottles. 3 to 5 drops of FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide per liter of drinking water (add only to spring or distilled water) will oxygenate your water and purify it. Also energizes by oxygenating your system.
  5. ADD A CUP TO THE BATH: One of the best ways to absorb oxygen from H2O2 is in the bath. This is also great for skin conditions.
  6. READ UP: There are many testimonial about 35% peroxide for health, a cleaner home, and a safer way to sanitize. Get rid of bleach in your home altogether. Completely outdated and not a Biohack tool.


“BIOHACK~Do-it-yourself biology, a social movement in which people and organizations pursue biology and life science with tools equivalent to those of professional labs.” ~ Wikipedia

The time has come to take control of your own health. Almost ALL health-related stories in the main stream press are thinly disguised advertising. Our “health system” now gears less towards getting people well and more towards making money off of chronic illness. Bombarded with information, an extraordinary number of people stay unwell. America’s population has never in history, been so unfit and unhealthy.

To be healthy in this era, you have to do some digging and self-experimentation.  There is no “one-size fits all” treatment or regime. Even the “experts” with degrees cannot keep pace with the surging waves of new information, products and treatments. We are living in the Wild West days of health, and if you are not looking out for yourself, health will elude you. It’s that simple.

Many medical professionals cling to what they learned in school. Overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of data, paper work, and time requirements of a medical practice, it can be challenging to stay current with new developments. Doctor’s careers are increasingly at the mercy of the pharmaceutical corporations. They are sometimes legally bound to refrain from discussing alternative therapies with patients. A consumer willing to do their own thorough research may know more about their particular issue and alternative remedies. This is not to diminish the value of consulting a qualified professional. Of course, there are good doctors. Listen to him/her, but then DO YOUR OWN INVESTIGATION. Make up your mind based on many sources. Medical breakthroughs are occurring daily. There is much to be happy about. The idea here is to avoid needing the doctor at all.

Check and recheck where information comes from. Unfortunately, even doctors often accept results from “studies” performed by the corporations SELLING the product. A perfect example of misinformation is believing a study about vaccines performed by the pharmaceutical companies that make them. Even the CDC is compromised with a conflict of interest where they profit from the sale of vaccines to which they own the patent. ESPECIALLY in these times of unprecedented corporate influence of our government, all of us must be vigilant about our own health. We must watch out for our family and friends.

HyperboreanHealth.com will deliver one or more tips a week on how to Biohack your life. Live better, healthier, longer. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the simplest of changes.


THE LION & TIGER DIARIES: Saturday, Aug. 6th, 2016

Sand Fire

Sand Fire

Finally made it back to Shambala today (Sat, Aug. 6th, 2016), with a fair amount of trepidation. Recently, a massive fire burned for several days, scorching the land all around the Soledad Canyon preserve. Miraculously, all the animals and a handful of brave people who stayed throughout the blaze, were unhurt. The fire had burned right up to the edge of the compound. We expected that animals (and humans) would be suffering from smoke inhalation, and possibly heat stroke. At the least, we were sure that the more than 30 big cats would be anxious, fearful or agitated.

As we turned onto Soledad Canyon Road, a pungent, burnt moss smell filled our noses. Within a half mile, the rolling hills touched by light green changed to scorched and barren. Blackened hillsides, trees turned to standing charcoal skeletons, charred and abandoned campsites— the landscape resembled a post-apocalyptic nightmare, all covered with a heavy, bluish haze. Did I mention the heat? At eleven am, it was already over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.IMG_5334

Chris Gallucci, the director at Shambala, met the group of  “adoptive parents” at the gate. Chris is generally cheerfully gruff, with a ready, cinematic cowboy smile. But today he was downright grim. He had stayed on the property, along with helper Darby and the amazing Tippi Hedren, fighting the blaze alongside firefighters. They weren’t going to leave the animals, no matter what. They had defied evacuation orders, and protected Shambala with their lives. Usually Chris loves all questions about the cats, but today he just said “I’m not gonna talk about the fire right now.” We got it, and followed him inside the compound gates.

Chris Galucci

Chris Gallucci

One Saturday a month, a dedicated group of people who have chosen to “adopt” one or more of the cats living at Shambala, come and visit their babies. With the help of Darby and a couple of volunteers, you get to give each cat a treat (a large hunk of raw meat still on the bone) and hang out with the animals. The cats look forward to this ritual as much as the humans, if perhaps for different reasons.

Shambala is unique, and completely unlike visiting a zoo. The animals are treated more like honored guests as opposed to caged objects for gawkers. Former actress, Tippi Hendren, star of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, (still surpassingly beautiful in her eighties), has created a sanctuary out of love. The place is an oasis in the desert. But there is more.

Sheer magnificence, obvious intelligence and nobility are a few reasons big cats are great to be around. But the feeling one gets from proximity to the cats is hard to categorize. Mysterious, subtle, ecstatic– I can only liken the experience to a state of high consciousness. Big cats are naturally in meditation. They are the Kshatriya of the animal world. Noble warriors of high spiritual attainment.

Darby Feeds Zoe

Darby Feeds Zoe

Big cats radiate energy; high, pure, powerful energy. Being around lions and tigers feels a lot like sitting near an enlightened master. The molecular structure of the air palpably changes. Reality heightens; you are in the company of a perfected being. Even in captivity their regal nature is unmistakable.

Big cats are a microcosmic example of the Divine, a piece of biological engineering that combines greatest beauty with maximum effectiveness. One cannot imagine a creator adding anything to them to make them any better. They are absurdly beautiful as well as the most efficient predators on the planet.

Yet, there is a poignant quality as well. Lions, tigers, leopards, in fact ALL wild cat populations, are in rapid decline across the globe. The attrition is astonishingly fast. Some reports say that up to 90% of wild lions and tigers have disappeared in the last twenty years alone. Hunters killing lions is the moral equivalent of allowing people to go after Buddhist monks for sport. Only a monster of low consciousness would kill such a creature.Trophy Hunting Is Not Conservation

Hunted nearly to extinction in the wild, big cats everywhere are in immediate danger. “Civilized” countries still permit trophy hunting, one of the most despicable and psychotic of all “sports”. The immense tragedy of this sets in when you are near the animals. That someone would find killing a lion or tiger “fun” is one of the many appalling realities of this world.

The intrinsic irony here is that we have reached a historical moment when the pens are to protect the cats from humans, and not the reverse. Great cats were made to run free, and no one can escape the knowledge that penning them is most likely not their first choice. Nevertheless, at Shambala they have shelter, are well fed and have veterinary care. They are in safe, large, enclosures; not caged.

Tippi & Lion

Tippi Hedren & Lion

Tippi has rescued big cats from far and wide. Many come to Shambala after someone realized that a lion or a tiger wasn’t a great idea for a house pet. Michael Jackson’s lion, Sabu, now lives at the preserve, barely able to walk after the “Neverland Zoo” had his claws removed. There is a mountain lion living there that someone found under their porch, and with good sense, brought to Shambala. Tippi tells a story about a New York City man who shared his two bedroom apartment with a full-grown lion! Cougars, panthers, tigers orphaned by hunters… Tippi has taken them all.

Once inside the preserve, we find the cats changed by the fire, but not in the way we expected. They are active, prowling, moving about in the intense midday heat. Not anxious or traumatized, the cats seem, well… HAPPY. A couple of them react to Darby as a house cat might, rubbing their heads on the fence near him, greeting him affectionately. Yes, they are getting food, but we’ve been here before at feeding time, and they were not like this. At first, we assume that perhaps they are still riled up from the danger, maybe adrenaline is still in their systems. But Darby tells us that they were mostly calm during the blaze, except for when the Black Hawk helicopters were flying 400 feet overhead to make a water drop.

Lily Lion

Lily Lion

The animals approach the fence playfully, making deep, guttural purrs. Alert and receptive, the legendary aloofness of big cats is all but absent. A couple of the lions, usually a little distant, make ready eye contact with us. They react to the visitors as welcome friends, rather than with the weariness of an objectified being. One of the lions does a loping dance back and forth along the fence, looking out with curiosity, and yes, smiling at everyone.

After a moment or two of wonder, it becomes obvious that the big cats have bonded with the humans in a deeper way. Even with the exceptional care they receive, the animals clearly know that these people chose to protect them with their lives. There is no mistaking what we are seeing, the animals are showing appreciation.

Darby & Zoe bond

Darby & Zoe bond

The humans and big cats at Shambala Preserve went through the fire together, and came out with a renewed understanding and love for each other. The close call with fire appears to have caused a tiny mutation to both human and big cat. Whatever ingrained, false ideas any of us hold that keep us believing that animals are less conscious, cannot understand, or feel less than humans do, eroded further. A chunk of ignorance separating us from other sentient beings on this blue planet also got incinerated during the seven days of raging fire. Forged in heat and danger, solidifying into trust, a new recognition had arisen between species. Wary friends became loved allies, and instead of loss and sadness, we found something miraculous uncovered by the flames.

Love to All.

S. C. Light

Wandering around my local health food store one day, I came across a small bottle labeled “Dragon’s Blood”. It looked like something you’d find in Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. “What is this for?” I asked the clerk. “It’s good for skin, and it sells out all the time,” she replied. “What’s it made of?” I review-rodial-dragons-blood-hyaluronic-night-cream-5persisted. “Some kind of tree blood,” she shrugged, “like vegan blood, that’s all I know.” Intrigued, I plunked down $15 and took it home. It turns out that Sange De Drago, is very much like a plant-based blood, filled with anti-oxidants and healing phytochemicals.

Harvested from Dracaena cinnabari trees, Dragon’s Blood is viscous, deep red, and has an earthy aroma. Native to the Socotra Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, Sange De Drago trees grow across South America and are found as far North as Mexico.

Dragon’s Blood Trees produce an uncanny facsimile of mammalian blood when cut. A clever coincidence of nature, the sap is also extremely compatible with mammal bio-systems. For many thousands of years, experienced indigenous healers in South America have known about the powerful medicinal properties of this sap. Sange De Drago, requires no alcohol, preservatives, or processing to keep it fresh. Dragon’s Blood sap is a rich, complex source of  alkaloids and procyanidins (condensedtannins). When applied to skin,  the sap dries to a thin layer that seals a wound area. It also kills parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Dragon’s Blood is often consumed internally for ulcers, infected gums, and to staunch bleeding after childbirth. There is evidence that it even kills cancer cells. (Please see: Dragon’s Blood Suppresses Cancer gene).

Dragon's Blood Trees

Dragon’s Blood Trees

apply Dragon'sBlood
Sange De Drago sap is reddish and slightly foamy when applied, it dries to a dark pink with a subtle sheen. The thin layer becomes a second skin. Although somewhat bitter-tasting, you can feed this to animals and humans alike, and apply it to rashes and minor abrasions and cuts. If an animal licks this product, it will cause no harm, and may in fact be good. A few drops in pet’s water can help with parasites. Humans and animals alike may take small does of Dragon’s Blood internally, for calming the central nervous system and minor stomach problems.

I also found that Dragon’s Blood does wonders for my skin, although upscale cosmetic companies have already discovered this fact, and are now using Dragon’s Blood as an ingredient in pricey bottles of face cream. Dragon’s Blood can be blended with almost anything you are already using. A bit drying by itself, mixing it with a cream base, or something thicker like Egyptian Magic (a whole other post) quickly produces a very healing skin tonic. The biggest drawback is that it stains.

Depending on how concentrated the Dragon’s Blood used in your home preparation, it will temporarily color your face, no matter what your skin tone. While it washes off skin and hair easily, be aware that it stains fabric and can get under your finger nails, making them seem dirty. A little soap, peroxide, and a nail brush will fix this quickly. I find that either alone, or blended with cream, Dragon’s Blood works best if you also mix a dab of Aloe/DMSO cream. PLEASE NOTE: You should NEVER use DMSO with a chemical product of any kind. DMSO pulls anything it is mixed with directly into your blood stream. Dragon’s Blood is safe, however, and as it is 100% plant-based, as well as a detoxifier, it will do your blood good. So, not to worry when using the two together.

Dragon's Blood Trees drip blood re sap when cut.

Dragon’s Blood Trees drip blood re sap when cut.

Dragon’s Blood purifies the dermis, gets rid of blemishes, and diminishes age spot and lines. I also use it on my toothbrush for gum health. (It doesn’t seem to stain teeth and it is excellent for overall dental & gum care.) Sometimes I put a few drops in water or juice just before sleeping as it promotes deep sleep and pleasant dreams.

All in all, Sangre De Drago is a natural healing sap and belongs in everyone’s medicine cabinet. As denizens of the Western world, we must continue to find and use healthy, less toxic ways to cure minor problems. The less you rely on manufactured drugs and chemicals, the better for your body and the planet.

Be Safe, Healthy, and Open-Minded. Yours truly, Hyperborean Health, the ancient way to modern vitality.

PLEASE NOTE: These articles and suggestions are not meant to replace your doctor’s advice. Natural remedies can work with the care of a licensed physician. Please speak with your doctor before engaging in a treatment for any condition.

11175skullsThe film “Trace Amounts” begs the question; why is the preservative, Thimersol still used in our vaccines, despite being a known neurotoxin? If this scenario sounds strangely familiar, that is because another toxin, fluoride, has also been intentionally dispensed to our population under false pretenses for decades. Why is so much money and effort spent on the continuous mass distribution of harmful chemicals on a global scale?



In order to understand, we have to pull back and look at look at the bigger picture to see what might actually be going on here. With fluoride loaded water/toothpaste, and mercury laden vaccines, there is a vast delivery method in place to get specific chemicals into the bodies of every human being. These chemicals are being purposefully force-fed to our entire race! No small task with a global population of 7 billion and counting.

Would our government really spend millions of dollars to infuse the water supply with fluoride for the benefit of everyone’s teeth? Are they that magnanimous? The claim that fluoride fights cavities is false, yet to this day 99% of toothpaste brands still contain fluoride for no clear reason. (ref. Dr. Mercola’s article on fluoride.)


Autism = Mercury Poisoning

The frequency of autism has increased a thousand-fold since mercury preservatives were added to vaccines in the late 1980’s.  Autism is simply a blanket name inclusive of all the symptoms for mercury poisoning. In spite of the fact that both the CDC and FDA have known for decades that Thimersol is destructive to nerve tissue, this mercury preservative is still being used in vaccines. (ref. VaxTruth)

In the confused aftermath of 911, Eli Lilly had a rider tacked onto the emergency Homeland Security Bill giving them complete immunity from law suits pertaining to complications arising from the mercury content in vaccinations. Big Pharma knows mercury is harmful, yet they continue adding it to vaccines for children and adults in doses far exceeding toxic levels.

The ‘how’ is right there in front of us, in plain sight for anyone able or willing to break free from generations of mental conditioning to see. The real question is ‘why?’ Is it simply “the banality of evil”, to use Hanna Arendt’s phrase, or is the motivation purely monetary? Would it make sense as a means of population control?



My only hypothesis is that there is a deliberate attempt to mutate the human genome. Either mutate it, or retard its development in some way. Accumulated fluoride is known to calcify the pineal gland, hindering its function. The pineal gland is the endocrine secretory organ associated with the ajna chakra. The ajna has long been revered by the ancient Egyptians, and most Eastern traditions, as the third eye through which higher planes of existence are experienced. (ref. Fluoridealert.org.)

The tragic effects of mercury poisoning (a.k.a. autism) are well-known with today’s epidemic levels of occurrence, yet in spite of this, a vast amount of money is spent on delivery and PR to keep mercury and fluoride perpetually pumping into our population.

It gets even more weird when you look at how mercury reacts with fluorine. Unlike other metals, mercury is the only metal that will form a stable compound, Tetra-fluoride, when combined with 4 molecules of fluorine. This is significant because tetra-fluoride has the unusual property of being diamagnetic. In a nutshell that means it generates its own electromagnetic field that works in opposition to any externally applied EM field. Electromagnetic fields have been proven to interfere with the mechanisms of DNA repair and chromosomal replication.

Reminiscent of the way facts surrounding mercury and fluoride have been deliberately concealed, there is another concerted cover-up, related if only by the truth being obfuscated on a planetary scale for generations. This particular veil of secrecy concerns elongated skulls, remnants from a global race, almost always found in conjunction with ancient megalithic sites; huge stone structures built to a level of architectural perfection exceeding our ability to duplicate, even with today’s technology.

Egyptian "Long Skull"

Egyptian “Long Skull”

A significant number of the most ancient long skulls did not result from ‘boarding’,  a body modification practice of comparatively modern human cultures imitating an object of veneration. The long skulls I’m referring to have been found, among other places, at archeological sites in Peru (Nazca Lines and the Paracas peninsula), Egypt, and Malta. These skulls have only 2 skull plates, and a 30% greater brain volume capacity, than the smaller skulls of modern Homo Sapien Sapiens, comprised from a number of fused bone plates. Naturally occurring long skulls also lack the resulting flattened frontal area of the artificially deformed (boarded) skulls.

Why are these anomalous beings completely left out of any formal academic discussion, literally ignored by “experts” as if they had never been found. How does the academic archeological community, who tout every ancient bone fragment as the ‘missing link’ from Africa, fail to recognize these long skulls as a separate race of advanced hominids who walked the earth, at a time when ‘history’ would have us all using primitive tools as hunter gatherers?

Why go to such great lengths to hide the truth of our human heritage? Why go to such great lengths to introduce mercury and fluoride into the bodies of every human being? Who is undertaking these monumental tasks of suppression? Who has the resources to fund and coordinate global undertakings over many generations?

Atacama Humanoid~Skull is not result of artificial deformation

Atacama Humanoid~Skull is not result of artificial deformation

If you have any insights to add, we would love to hear from you.


Strong evidence that mercury in vaccines leads to a host of neurological problems:


Aluminum is also a toxic ingredient in vaccines: Please See~




It’s simple. Get naked, get in the tank, stop moving.  The water, super-saturated with 1000 lbs. of Epsom Salts, and slightly above body temperature, does the rest. One of the best things about the float tank is that it requires no particular experience, ideology, or belief system. In fact, aside from allowing yourself complete repose, it is best to just let go of any preconceived ideas of what will happen. Experiences run the gamut from intense, drug-free lucid dreams to profound mental and physical rest. Every float is unique. However, what is certain is that while bobbing weightlessness in deep dark and quiet, a visceral “re-set” button gets pushed, amplifying and embedding any intention or practice you might already have.

While many of us dither away precious energy arguing over opinions and convictions, the floater enjoys a welcome respite from thinking altogether. Floating works best if you simply don’t try to do anything at all.

John Lilly, the inventor of “sensory deprivation tanks”, always spent the first fifteen minutes or so of his float sessions consciously relaxing every muscle in his body. After that, he simply remained as present as possible. (Please also see Part 2 ~ History)


Who Floats?

Who Floats?

Floating has become a creative catalyst for the process of many artists and innovators. Extraordinary minds as diverse as Richard Feynman, Buckminster Fuller, Aldous Huxley, Alan Watts, and Graham Hancock have found floating useful. Actors such as Jim Carrey, Jeff Bridges, and Susan Sarandon, are devotees of sensory deprivation tanks. Comedian Joe Rogan has one at home and touts his tank as a cognitive enhancer, think tank, and psychotherapist all rolled into one. However, most new adherents are regular people looking for a reprieve from their hectic lives and a chance for some deep, uninterrupted, introspection.


Bobbing in the timeless sphere of a float tank causes all the neurological conduits in your body to redirect away from sensory perception, instead focusing that energy towards mending and rejuvenating cells and tissue. The deep mental quiet that results from removing visual, auditory and tactile stimuli allows a deeper level of brain function to come to the fore of consciousness. Studies have shown that floating can ease depression by working, according to author Michael Hutchinson, “against over-activation of the parasympathetic response by causing the body to release certain natural antidepressant and euphoria-causing neurochemicals, such as the endorphins. At the same time, floating powerfully reduces overactivation of the sympathetic, fight-or-flight response.”

Flow Between Both Sides of Brain

Flow Between Both Sides of Brain

The creative, intuitive, right hemisphere of the brain becomes dominant during a float-session and the rational, left side of the brain, gets a complete rest. The ensuing regular waking hours are more balanced as the flow of information between the two hemispheres remains enhanced. High conductivity between both sides of the brain, is a trait shared by many geniuses as well as spiritual adepts. Out-of-body experiences, astral travel, and hallucinations are also not uncommon (see Part 1). Some people already practicing yoga have reached the most expanded level of meditation they’ve ever known short of retreating to a secluded ashram.

I have found that post-floatum, decisions that have been hard to make (usually because I was trying too hard to “figure it out”) often smoothly give way to clear choices. Plots for stories, financial ventures, how to balance family responsibility versus my artistic life, all became less like onerous chores and more like fun.

Are We Really Mer People?

Are We Really Mer People?

Conceived in salty water, we spend our first 9 months floating in amniotic fluid. Our bodies then remain nearly 3/4ths saline solution throughout our lives. Indeed, possibly all life on Earth evolved from the dark and briny deep, so it seems intuitively correct that it might be good for us to steep ourselves in salt water and stillness whenever possible.

When you step into a sensory deprivation tank clothed in only your birthday suit, you become vulnerable to yourself alone… but also completely safe. The ego is immediately removed from this practice. Your job, car, clothes, diet, beliefs, computer and phone, have little significance in the tank. During a float session, the external noise that we so often mistake for truth recedes from our waking consciousness like fleeing shadows. Pesky obstacles to higher consciousness like bad hair days and gravity are temporarily gone, leaving you alone with your deepest self.

Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind

Much of the chatter generated in our brains gets triggered by stuff we see. This is commonly called “monkey mind”. The constant mental, sub-rosa, potpourri  of images, memories, worries, and 1001 mental associations, judgements and attachments… plus a lifetime of conditioning.

A person walks into the room with sandy hair and blue eyes, and some part of your brain categorizes them with all the people you’ve ever come across with those same characteristics. Holidays also bring up deeply rooted memories of all holidays past, and what occurred during them. This in turn informs your expectations and desires for what should or should not be happening in the present and future. It’s an endless cycle of pattern recognition. Every second, whatever you are doing, your brain is attempting to catalog current and predict forthcoming experiences; helpful for survival at some level, but it can also cause us to get stuck in past interpretations, keeping us from fully living in the present moment. The float tank experience allows you to quickly shed many layers of physical and mental conditioning, to find… YOU.

Floating Simpsons

Floating Simpsons

Floating works best when you stay as motionless as possible while in the tank, allowing the body and brain to come to a complete stop. The ideal is to keep yourself somewhere between sleep and waking. Entering a prolonged hypnagogic state of consciousness is very effective all on its own, and can profoundly alter one’s mood, life perspective, and physical health for the better. But float tanks are also highly conducive to accelerated learning techniques such as subliminal recordings, verbal cues, or in some cases audio/visual images. Many people have ended bad habits or negative neurotic patterns after only a few float sessions.


John Lilly With Dolphin Brain

John Lilly With Dolphin Brain

How exactly, does floating in water super-saturated with Epsom Salts, facilitate beneficial changes for so many people? How does something somewhere between a bath, a meditation, and hiding in a wet storage locker, become one of the greatest modern tools for personal transformation? The answer lies to a large extent with the creator of the sensory deprivation experience, John Lilly. (Please see Part 2 ~ History), a peerless and fearless explorer of the outer realms of human experience.

Mararu Emoto's images of the power of word frequency on water molecules

Mararu Emoto’s images of the power of word frequency on water molecules

Water amplifies frequency. This is well-known by anyone studying aquatic animals such as whales or dolphins and their sonar communication. What is less understood is how water conducts more subtle frequencies, the ones too fine spun to hear with our physical ears. It appears that soaking in a sensory deprivation tank conducts neurological and psychological frequencies more efficiently than in air, and “cleanses” them at the same time. This also gives credence to theories of our aquatic origins.

Apart from Lilly-esque adventurers in expanded consciousness, floating has also proven to demonstrably speed recovery from surgery and stress injuries. Floating weightless removes all strain on the body imposed by the continual pull of gravity. Many people living in big cities have corrosive adrenalin constantly coursing through their bodies, the by-product of non-stop stress. Floating immediately alleviates pain and reduces stress damage to our bodies.


Hand Painted Samadhi Tank

Hand Painted Samadhi Tank

Current models of float tanks now run the spectrum from rectangular boxes the size of portable storage lockers, like Samadhi Tanks (the first tanks made for home use and with Lilly’s personal advice), which sell for around $8000); to walk-in room-type units or even Venus de Milo style, shell-shaped fiberglass pods (which are selling on eBay for $40,000). A very affordable tank, called the Zen Tank, has just come on the market, going for less than $2000.

Venus de Milo Tank

Venus de Milo Tank

Whatever style you find yourself in, all are usually filled with around 1000 lbs of Epsom salt-saturated water kept at slightly above body temperature, allowing you to bob on the surface as effortlessly as a ‘Lilly’ on a pond. Free from the  effects of gravity, and with the demarcation between skin and water barely discernible. Almost everyone reports sensations such as moving through vast space, or even flying. Some people feel as if they are slowly spinning, or positioned upright instead of prone, even though the pods are too small to actually turn around in, and the water is usually no more than twelve inches deep. It seems utterly paradoxical that by entering a small, enclosed space you can experience being delightfully unbound, something akin to gliding in a weightless, extended savasana, (rest pose after yoga practice). Even the most claustrophobic have experienced a buoyantly unrestricted feeling inside the pods. In fact, many people (myself included) have lost their claustrophobic fear altogether. You can even drift into sleep. If, by chance, your head turns too far, the salty water in your eyes will wake you immediately.


Zen Float Tank

Zen Float Tank

Many adherents to floating have discovered that the one to three-hour float sessions help them dissolve stress, end chronic physical pain and can unravel long-term psychological knots. The great revelation for me has been the heightened creativity that seems to flow from my psyche after every float. Many people have reported quantum leaps and “aha” moments while floating or just after. My experiences have included a couple of waking, lucid dreams, a lot like hallucinogens but with zero angst or loss of bearings. (See Part 1 Experience.) But mostly my experiences have been more subtle; deeply restful, rejuvenating and healing. For up to five days after floating, I have noticed a sharpening and widening of my perception, insight, and cognitive synthesis, even my sense of smell and hearing become greatly enhanced. Hatha yoga, smart drugs, and sitting meditation, all great, do not compare.


1. People who “cannot get still”, who have ADHD, or any attention issues. Many find themselves able to focus more clearly and deeply than ever before.

2. Floatees increase their Theta brainwaves, (4-7 hz); (see chart below) slow cycling but high-frequency brainwaves which coincide with the hypnagogic state we experience just before falling asleep and just before fully waking. Theta brainwaves are also closely linked to creativity, super-learning, meditation, as well as visionary experiences and quantum leaps of understanding.

Walk-In Room Style Float Tank

Walk-In Room Style Float Tank

3. Hemispheric and whole brain integration increases the ability to synthesize and understand new ideas. The active Alpha state (see chart below), while necessary and useful, can also block our connection to the vast supra-conscious well of knowledge and wisdom.

4. Increased feelings of self-confidence and self-mastery.

5. Alert, conscious Theta states are tremendously helpful to artists, writers, techies, entrepreneurs, and anyone trying for creative breakthroughs.

6. Sleep disorders are greatly helped. In fact many people achieve the deepest, most rejuvenating sleep experienced in years after floating.

7. Consciously cultivating slower-cycling brainwaves (in other words learning how to stay in a prolonged Theta state without falling asleep) allows the brain to cleanse subconscious memories and feelings, while upgrading the software at the same time. It also seems to help one’s relationships in general. Psychological disorders and neurotic tendencies can often be erased after several sessions.

8. Epsom salts contain a high level of Magnesium, which is a very common deficiency. Magnesium is best absorbed via the skin. While floating, a large measure of usable magnesium gets absorbed through the skin, while also helping to draw out toxins.

9. For reasons not completely known, floating causes the brain to release a large amount of endorphins. The floaters “high” seems to last anywhere from 48 hours to 2 weeks.

10. Post-operative recovery and pain relief are greatly accelerated.

Brain Wave Chart

Brain Wave Chart


Float Tanks ~ Part 1 Experience

Float Tanks ~ Part 2 History

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LA Float Center   818-914-4887


Float Clinic, Torrance, CA



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